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Thread: my lola smells

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    For this sort of doggy hygiene problem, male or female, a daily wipe down with a wet flannel dipped in a 'baby bath' solution ( no rinsing ) can help.
    I keep a bottle ready made up, & baby wipes, handy in the kitchen.

    Thats a good idea Margaret.....Leo could sometimes benefit from this


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    Really bad breath is usually a sign of tooth or gum disease and indicates a dog needs a dental. This is a very important health preventative measure as gum disease (the bacteria associated with it) is directly associated with heart problems and can lead to deterioration of heart health -- and in this breed that is something to prevent.

    Different dogs might be affected in different ways from different foods. On dentastix -- I give them all the time with no affect on smell. I find salmon oil makes two of mine give off a fairly unpleasant fishy odour. Yet others have no issue with this.

    I agree that the problem may well be urine on feathering. Simply wiping off the dog or rinsing legs in warm water does the job (too much shampooing strips valuable coat oils). urine smell can develop within days of a wash.

    However as noted dogs are dogs -- they do have a dog smell. Some people love this smell (I do) and others may think of it as a bad smell. If the latter -- you are probably going to have a problem owning a long-coated breed! So it might be worth talking to your vet to be sure you are not noticing a scent associated with an actual health problem, then take steps to keep her clean if necessary without constant washing and shampooing, or consider whether a dog is a good choice? No criticism there at all, it is simply an issue some don't realise will be there especially if they have never owned a dog, and find they really are not happy because of it. The fact that this bothers you so quickly after a wash may mean recognising that there will need to be some rethinking of expectations, some compromise, etc.
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