today it was like the worst day in my life. we got an accident to Ida, our pup 13 weeks old who fell down from the bench which has about 1 meters height when we lift her up, tried to put the collar on and she just jumped down.

i almost have a heart attack, goshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! that time i feel so down and won't forgive myself if something bad happen to her.

I dunno how can i make sure that she's ok cause she doesn't make any noise when she jumped down from that height but rushing run to me with kinda bit weird to herself like what happened to me? and act like normal when i brought her to the park, i tried to touch all her body to check which part she's got pain but i found nothing.

any suggestion? is there any side effect to her from this accident?
i mean attitude or behavior. or whatever

i still complain myself until now how silly am i. this is a big big big experience for me to raising my first pup in my life. I won't let it happen no more.

do anyone have a accident like this to pups?