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Thread: injury followed by seizure vet confused??

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    Default injury followed by seizure vet confused??

    Hey guys I don;t think I have posted on here but like once... But I love to read up. I have 2 CKCS Abby my tri will be 4 on New Years Day (also have a 2 y.o. Blen)
    Anyhow we have a very large fenced in back yard. yesterday at around 1:30 hubby heard Abby yelp once outside. Thought I was with her as I didnt answer him (he was upstairs) and she stopped. 9 year old daughter let dogs in and they went in their crate. At 4pm I let them out and Abby was walking a little hunched.. sort of like she had a stick or something matted in her read end.... and I also had a sitter coming as I was leaving the house. But she walked down the steps and I asked the sitter to keep an eye on her. So sitter texts us at 7:00 to say Abby is definitely acting very strange and will not move off the blanket or eat and she is drooling. So we come home (takes us 45 min from downtown) I get home and she has the bug eyes look, will stand but reluctantly, I cant find anything at all on her. Eye is tearing, neck is wet from drool. Wont touch a treat or anything. She starts to walk away and drools again and I decide ok even though I know nothing I am calling emergency vet. As I get up she falls into a seizure (bever had this before)

    Now vet is baffled, cant find anything... Did blood work and found low platelets 25,000 and said Cavs tend to run low but more like 50K so she wanted to test for a tick born illness and treat with prednisone and will also xray abdomen as she feels she is wincing and acting tender in that area. This was last night I hang up and find Kim Hamens study on platelet count and larger size and call back and give info to the receptionist as vet said she would look at this further and try to find more info. Im about to call them now and see what the story is this morning.. but anyone have any ideas or insight? My poor girl is a mess, and of course since it was Sat night IM already out $980 and know absolutely nothing! Thanks

    ETA Follow up xrays show nothing and hand count of platelets showed 12,000 but she didnt see ANY other sign of platelet or clotting issue where they had to stick her or anything so we stopped that chase for now. Im going to go look at her, they said she ate so thats a big sign. I will probably bring her home and see my regular vet in the morning.
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