Hi All
Just wondered if anyone has had this prob with their cavaliers.
She started doing it on Fri nite.When in the garden i heard a squealing from Sasha like someone was trying to kill her .
So sat morn was the same so headed straight to vet who expressed her anal glands saying they were really really full. But since then she has continued to do it.
Have made an appointment for tomorrow morning at vet but just wondered if anyone had any idea on this? or has their cav maybe had the same prob?
I have been adding extra fibre to her JWB and walking her loads...but she is still screaming when pooing! Her poos are not really any different to usual and she has not had anything different to eat.
I am completely at a loss.

Her squealing sounds like someone is trying to kill her....high pitched and there isnt anything i can do to help

Fingers crossed the vet can shed some light and give her something as its horrible hearing her in pain!

Any ideas??? or had the same experience???
PS she is speyed...6 weeks ago.