Hi everyone.
Thanks for all the replies.
Just back from vet with Sasha.
Vet did a rectal and checked anal glands and everything is fine. She then checked her hips and as she pulled back she squealed.Her knees were fine though.
So am home with metacam and back in a week....and if no better she will be xrayed ASAP.
Not really the news i would have liked but fingers crossed for next week.

My poor baby has been at the vet constantly for the last few mths....first with phantom pregnancy resulting in a huge abscess on her tummy which then burst causing massive infection ....then we speyed her and while the spey op her over shot jaw had to be checked...only to find her bottom jaw is not formed properly and is unstable() so no chews,tug toys,or hard treats for her!Apparently it is not genetic and has just been bad luck.
The worst thing is that it cannot be fixed because of the jaw anatomy being so badly formed.As the vet said.....it is not causing her problems or causing pain...which is the best we could hope for.
Afetr the spey op she had a reaction to the stitches and she had a fluid build up needing drained.Then she developed milk again and was back on galastop.Which then leads us to now....possibly having a problem with her hips .

Fingers crossed for next week being better news.
And to top it all off the cat has ear mites so the dogs are being treated for them too as they all sleep together.

Thankyou for all the replies guys!
Will keep u updated.x
She is only 17mths old..