As some of you might remember my Ebony was diagnosed with a heart murmur grade 2 by her vet about two month ago while she was having her annual check up. My friend then took me to the Cavalier Club Health Screening Day to see the cardiologist there. He said that she has an unusual murmur, that the murmur is in one of her upper valves and that it isnít MVD. I had Ebony scanned last week and afterwards the cardiologist was very good in explaining things to me. Ebony has MVD but very very mild. He said that my vet must be very good to have heard the murmur as he had to look at the scan several times to find it. He showed the scan to me and it was so minimal you nearly missed it. He said that Ebony needs to come back in 2 to 3 years time and that she could live to a good old age. I ask him how the other cardiologist got it so wrong and he said that that person is a cardiologist but not a specialist. I didnít want to push him further on this. So does anyone on here know the difference? I thought a cardiologist is a specialist.
I am sad for Ebony and when the vet first told me I nearly died on the spot. Suppose all I can do now is keep an eye on it and do the best I can for Ebony. Just hoping and praying that it doesnít progress or at least takes itís time to progress