My poor Josh woke Sunday and wouldn't come out of his crate...I took him for a walk to get him to potty and he rubbed his bottom and would act startled and stare at his bottom as if bugs were biting him. We made it to the grass where he took care of business, but he continued to want to sit in the grass.

I washed up his bottom to find the swollen and bloody absyss. We took him to the vet where they tried to empty the glands, but at this point his pain was too intense so they did surgery to clear the blockage.

We picked him up with a tube for drainage coming out on two ends just to the right of his 'hole', and lot's of blood, pus and stitches. Luckily he was so drugged out that he slept only to wake to look at me with the burning question 'WHAT IS THAT TUBE ON MY BEHIND, AND WHAT ARE THOSE STITCHES DOING AND WHY IS THERE OOZY YUCKY MESS FLOWING BACK THERE?????'

After a day of nursing his bottom with warm packs and keeping him clean and comfy, we found it was time to take a short walk out front to try and toilet. He finally after 2 days poopped, but after the 1st firm poop, it keep coming out semifirm. Since last night he has oozing kernel's of poop that sneaks out and startles him, makes him scoot, which makes poop smear all over him and all OVER...

Anybody out there have their sweet love's experience this surgery where they clear the blockage, put a drainage tube with stitches and then have an ongoing issue with chunks of poop popping out and scaring their sweet ones?

Josh is now at the vet's and I am waiting for them to tell me what this issue is, but I find the expert's are right here!!!!