Hi, I am new here. I have three Cavaliers and have a question about one of them (her name is Donna). Just wondering if anyone has any idea what might cause this.

She is a Cavalier, of course, and 8 years old but has always been very healthy and is fit and very active, not overweight at all. The vet has checked her for a heart murmur and thought she didn't have one but couldn't hear too well because she kept wriggling! She absolutely loves exercise and has no sings of heart disease.

But anyway, a while ago my sister was walking her and a boxer snapped at her or something and scared her and she immediately fell over on her side like she fainted. My sister thought it was a seizure, and I wasn't there so I don't know. Anyway the next day my sister walked her again and the same boxer jumped out from behind a wall and scared her and the same thing happened. Both times she lay on the ground like she was unconcious for a few moments and then got up like nothing happened. Since then she has been terrified of walking past the boxer, and they used to be friends! So I am not walking her past there anyway.

I read about episodic falling but was a bit confused by it. One article said it could be like the dog falls over for a short time, like my dog did, or could last for much longer and the dog could has muscle spasms. I know the dog would be concious for it but I don't know if Donna was concious or not, since I wasn't actually there. And it said there is an increase in muscle tone? So would that be noticeable to me? I just thought maybe it could be because she was stressed or excited at the time.

Or could this be a sign of a heart problem? Or maybe she was playing dead? I've seen kittens play dead and it was just like this.

Thanks to anyone if they have any ideas or suggestions.

(Btw, I mentioned this to my teacher who is a veterinary nurse and she said that it doesn't sound urgent but to mention it to my vet when I next see her, which will be this week to get a cat neutered anyway.)