Hi All, This is my first post outside of the introduction section so please let me know if this a repeat question or violates any other forum rules. Winston has been scratching at his ears, chewing at his paws, and scratching and chewing at his sides for the past several weeks. I assumed that these were all symptoms of allergies which are common at this time of the year. When he chewed the area between his paws raw I immediately took him to his vet who said that he has... allergies! He suggested a prescription for Temaril-P (an antihistamine and steroid) which I declined because of the side effects. He gave me a medicated shampoo instead which I used but didn't see much improvement. About 2 weekends ago, I took Winston to a horse show with me and we stayed in a hotel for several nights. Of course, he didn't scratch, itch, or chew once. I brought him back to my apartment and he started itching again. This weekend I boarded him and he came home without and signs of itching or chewing (the mats and chewed patches of hair he usually gets after a full day of itching) and his coat had actually significantly improved in just 4 days. I'm now convinced he is allergic to something in my home. His food has been the same during this entire time (Orijen 6 Fresh Fish which is a grain free food- he has been tested for food allergies and is allergic to chicken and beef but does well on venison or fish so I alternate between the two protein sources). He also had a full CBC and chemistry panel done recently that did not show anything abnormal and he doesn't appear to be in pain so the vet doesn't think the itching is a symptom of a health problem. The hotel and boarding facility were both fairly close to my home so I don't think the environmental allergies were too different from what would be found at my home. Is it possible that he's allergic to something inside my home? What are common in-home allergens? If I can't isolate what is causing the itching, what else can I do for him (as the shampoo doesn't seem to be working)? From what I understand, the Temaril-P treats the symptoms but won't have a lasting effect once it is discontinued. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I look forward to your replies and thank you in advance for your help! ~Alex