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Thread: Tummy troubles

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    Default Tummy troubles

    Dylan had diarrhea on Monday. We did a lot of visiting on Sunday and he may have had one too many treats so I put it down to that. Anyway I withheld food for 24 hours and have since been feeding him boiled mince and rice instead of his James Wellbeloved. As of this morning his poo is still really runny. Other than that he seems like his normal self.

    Is there anything else I could be doing or do you think I would be best to take hime to the vet to get checked over?

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    hello there, exactly the same thing happened to cooper last week and i too was worried. my friend insisted on giving him an array of things to nibble on and half an hour later there was squirting diarreah everywhere and some sickness too. anyway i called the nurse and she advised fasting for 24 hours and then meat and rice for three days to give the system a chance to flush so you have done the right thing.
    she told me that her cav had the same problem before and can have the runs for up to a week as they are sensitive and some foods can "set them off", but as long as there is no blood in the feaces, alot of vomitting with squirting diarreah, drinking plenty of water to reduce dehydration and a bright perky happy dog she would not overly panic.
    as dylan is 5 days in nowwith no signs of change perhaps for your own piece of mind you could call your vet for advice?
    maby also try some chicken with the rice for today its a little less strong than beef mince. is dylans stools a pudding consistancy or squirting runny?
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    I agree chicken is less rich than mince. I give mine Kaolin from the vets, it is a natural soluble dietary fibre and will help firm things up a bit quicker and soothes the tummy .
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