I have a 2 year old ruby who weighs 10kg. I feed her dry diet nuts which i get from my vet. As treats she gets carrots and a few other vegetables. I used to give her other treats but when i realised she was putting on weight i stopped them altogether. I walk her most days, weather permitting, for at least 40 minutes sometimes longer - and still she isn't losing weight!!! In fact i think she may be getting bigger. She had a few pains in her kness about a year ago (when she was lighter) but she never makes any complaints now. She runs up and down the stairs and jumps on the couch no problem. She enjoys walking but can get a little lazy expecially if it's wet, to the point she will refuse point blank to walk if it's raining. I'm concerned still about her weight becoming an issue further down the line. Has anyone had any similar issues or can anyone give me any ideas?