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Thread: Chewing Feet

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    Quote Originally Posted by chloe92us View Post
    Margaret- I didn't know about the mites & discolored fur on the feet. My foster has this, but I thought it was because he had been kept in a crate and they were urine stained.
    Well, that could be the cause, but I thought urine leaves more of a yellow stain.
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    Well, I was thinking yellow + brown = pink? You know what I mean? I think I'll take him to the vet to rule out mites. Thanks!
    Trisha in Southwest Florida
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    Pippin chews his foot sometimes had him to the vets and he said it's not allergies but to just distract him.

    He has epilepsy and doesn't do it as much since going on medication for that.

    When he does it I take his foot and say "Mine" you should see his little face, of course this needs to be followed up with hugs and kisses...he insists

    The thing I notice is, his saliva turns his foot a pinky brown colour if he's at it long enough.
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    Sometime foot chewing can be habitual - perhaps she had at one stage had a problem with her feet/foot & it was itchy & now it's turned into a habit. Our head behaviourist (in the UK) told us to watch for this in the kennels & said it can be that the dogs gets a boost of happy hormones when they do a certain behavious which then leads to it becoming a habit & try distraction therapy if we notice it.
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