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Thread: Mixed Fruit-Any Suggestions Pls

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    I know it's debatable on whether this is a fruit or vegetable but mine love tomatoes.
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    Molly loves the little baby sweetcorn (she would eat a big one too), sweet ripe pear, apple, sweet parsnips. Sometimes I thinly slice sweet potato(like a crisp) roast them and both dogs love them not too many though.

    Molly has most vegetables/fruit 3 x daily ground plus supplements. Molly is happy because she is very greedy and feels she is getting plenty of food. Molly was almost 12 kilos and is now 10.3 and stable.
    On a day to day basis we buy Burns dried carrots and put those in a wooden puzzle which takes a while for both of them to eat. 3 neem sticks per day which are made from tree bark and seed we give these after face washing and use for rewarding.

    I thought raisins and sultanas are made from grapes so I would avoid these.
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    Gosh, I somehow missed this thread a couple days ago!

    LOVE the ideas! We treat our babies with baby carrots and broccoli, and they too love the plain rice cakes. Sometimes we put a tiny bit of peanut butter on a couple pieces, but that is a rare treat.

    Mine also love eggs for breakfast occasionally. I'll cook up an egg as a treat and it's gobbled up very quickly.

    Apples are probably their favorite treat, but they only get a couple bites once or twice a week or so.

    My mother in law has always made homemade treats by baking oats and other ingredients and shaping them into biscuits, I've not done it myself but maybe I should start. Hmmmmm.......

    Wheels are turning!

    Great thread!


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    Brian, saw this video and thought about your thread. These dogs seem to be supplementing their diet quite well . My Old English used to help herself to all the ripe raspberries.
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