Hello all, my 2 year old Todd had surgery almost exactly 7 days ago ( tuesday evening GMT ). I don't know the name of the procedure he had, but it was to help aleaviate 'minor' degenerated disc problems, they went in and drilled holes in the discs to hopefully remove some pressure on the spinal column. Before his treatment his movement was becoming increasingly unstable, but since the operation he seems to have got a lot worse, his legs give way and he looks like a new born lamb. How long after the operation should he start to return to normal if the operation was successful? He has slight good spells ( especially when taking him for a little walk ), but he always seems to suffer a little later on the day. Is this slow recovery normal, I know as a human we would be out for ages, but I am worried that he will need further surgery. I have spoke to the hospital and they said if I am concerned bring him back for more tests, but I am not a vet and I don't know what is normal.

Thanks All