I need urgent advice. One of my dogs had fenestration ( spelling ) performed last week, and he has not improved. To the point where I have had to take him back to the specialist this morning, they are doing a CRT scan with dye to have a second look. His MRI was clear other than this minor disc degeneration. The specialist this morning said he was concerned with his limb disorientation, he staggers quite a lot, and when going for Number 2's he quite often collapes to the side. They are looking to see if further disc problems are evident, but he has already mentioned the possiblity of further surgery, and I am still in shock to remember the procedure but it is to remove the discs. I am so worried I will rush my decision and make a mistake, but I don't want him to be in discomfort / pain. He is a brave little lad, and still has period of his old loving self. Any advice greatly appreciated as I am expecting a call in the next 2-3 hours.