Hello All. My 2 year old Todd had fenestration surgery just over a week ago, and he is not improving. I had him back to the specialist yesterday and he had a further CT scan which showed no further deteriation, but he is still in pain. I was expecting to pick him up today but the specialist is concerned about his mobility, and he is warning me that he is leaning toward recommending Ventral Slot surgery. I have no medical training, but I am not daft enough to think there are no risks of further damage being done.
Has anyone had this procedure done, what sort of recovery timescale does this have. We have 3 other cavaliers and it is difficult keeping them from apart. I was aware that the fenestration was not certain to solve the problem, but what is the pro's of having the ventral slot done.

Sorry for gabbling, but I am trying to guess the questions my wife will ask when I go home without him today