I completed Guinness' AKC registration last night, and now they are advertising their health insurance. It costs ~$500/yr to insure, with a cap of $3000/problem. I'm not happy with this plan so I've shopped around a little. Purina offers a plan for about the same amount that has a $20,000/yr policy cap, and covers genetic and chronic conditions.

I'm wondering if these seem like a good idea, it seems like if I put $500/yr into a savings account I would end up with a decent amount for paying health costs. I can get an MRI done for $600 at Alabama's vet school, which isn't too far away. The only huge expense I can see (and hopefully will never need) would be if Guinness required surgery for SM. MVD is typically managed with medication.

Could you guys estimate what your dogs health bills are annually? I'd be especially interested in prices for people living in the US.

And if I could get estimates on what SM, and MVD meds are costing on a per month basis.

Guinness appears to be in great health and has several dogs in his pedigree who have been heart clear at 6-8 years. But I want to make sure I'm prepared just in case.