out little puppy stanley is 17 weeks old and for the past 3 weeks he has had some nasal problems - sounds like he has alot of mucus in his nose / sneezing clearing his throat - brought him to the vet about 3 times. he started on antibiotics which didnt clear and then moved onto seperate tablets and drops. Then just drops.
we were not happy with his progress, so we brought him back to the vet on sat. They said he should be fighting the infection, but his glands were really swollen and it looked like he had tonsilitis. He is on more antibiotics now and appears to be making some small improvment.
Also we are a bit concerned, a couple of times his back legs have stiffened slightly when walking and we are unsure if this is the beginings of episode faling syndrome.
The vet seemed a bit bleak, Just wondering has anyone else experienced this with their puppy and if he recovers from the infection whats the long term outlook if he does have episode falling syndrome? are their mild cases that can be lived with ? would appreciate your comments, as i am so so worried about our little guy.