Hi everyone!

Minni has been perfectly sleeping through the night, no problems. But last weekend we had guests and after that everything started...

The whole night EVERY hour she woke up and whined and we had to take her out because she had diarrhea. Back then it was rather liquidish. Next day she was given nothing except sour milk, medecine and her porridge that breeder gave us for tummy. Day time - everything is ok. That night everything was ok also.

Next day we again had visitors because we needed to do some work in the house. And we tried to give her her usual food already. Daytime ok, but at night - again every 45 minutes out.

Then we gave her again the same mixture. And at night everything was ok. So next day we again introduced her own food. And again this night she had diarrhea ALL NIGHT LONG! This time it was more like pudding.

She had her parvo injections already and the poo is without any signs of blood, she is not vomiting, doesn't look distressed, she is quite energetic...but has this diarrhea.

What could it be? Do we give her normal food too early?