hi all, just wanted to update you all on stanley and ask your advice. he seems to be fighting his virus, he was with the vet on thursday and his glands have gone down and they felt his nasal congestion and chest sounded much better, he got an injection of a slow release antibiotic which lasts over two weeks, it appears to be working and he sounds much better. One thing we have noticed though is the 'bunny hopping' . when running across the living room, if he is going fast or very excited, his two back legs will lift high and go to one side in tandem. today when my sister in law was over he was so excited and it appeared to be much worse, i think he fell to the side too( hard to know if he slipped as we have tiles ) . It just doesnt look very normal, i am very worried about it but am confused because, he doesnt seem distressed, in pain or phased by it at all. He is still eating lots and in great form. We rang the vet and he said it could be a number of things, to keep a close eye on him, if it gets any worse or he appears to be in pain to bring him down. We are due to return with stanley in a week regardless. I am worried about episode falling down syndrome or SM, he has no other symtoms. great if anyone else has advice or similar stories ..