Harry, my healthy 11 yr old has today taken a bad turn. Up till now he has been reasonably spritely, though sometime looked a little athritic at times.

But this morning he did not seem to be using his hind legs properly, and my husband did not take him for his usual morning walk. By lunch time when I got home from work, he had slowly progressed to the stage where he could hardly stand. I immediately though he must ahve had a stroke and booked to see the vet.

The vet however, diagnosed a probable slipped disc, or maybe a tumour on his spine. I was surprised as he's hardly the type of dog to throw himself around. She said this could happen without him doing anything unusual.

She gave him an introvenus steroid injection and I have to take him back at 9am tomorrow.

What is really worrying me though is that he is getting worse by the hour, and now cannot stand at all his hind quarters are totally paralysed. Also though he had eaten and drunk water - he had not relieved himself, despite me carrying him outside and propping him up.

Sorry about the length of this post, but has anyone had any experience of this? and does anyone have any idea whether this kind of paralysis may extend to his bladder and bowels?