Thanks again all we are all feeling good today - the weather was cold and not too wet so we went and had a good 3 hour run on the heath before the vets visit. There's nothing like inflicting a pair of muddy cavaliers on my vet

I am not sure on the seasonal differences, he is such an outside dog and in the summer in full bright sunlight he is happy as can be. I thought it might be low pressure (as generally there is more low pressure in the winter) He doesn't seem to have any discomfort in lights and if anything we have a very gently lit house because I hate bright artificial lights myself (I can understand headaches under bright fluorescent lights!) However I was chatting with his breeder and she said that at cavalier club meetings it was mentioned a lot of sm cavaliers are worse in the summer and was surprised that he suffered in the winter. This might sound crazy but maybe it's even distraction with him, in the summer he is outside from early morning until late evening with us, on the heath or in the garden and is just to busy to notice he's itchy or to be bothered crying if it hurts - and in the winter we are indoors a lot more and he is generally less occupied.

Battle has commenced with box 1 on Dr Rushbridges treatment plan so Furosemide to start and the joy of cutting tablets into quarters .... we will review it in around a month and see how it goes. I think it's good to take it slowly I don't really want to over medicate him (I have spent so much time in the Netherlands I have developed an aversion to all medication! I am now convinced the cure to all ills is to take a paracetamol and rest for a week as that is all the doctor ever tells me!)

Now it's time to follow the world cup draw at least England can't play the Netherlands in the group stages ... that might cause some family friction