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How very strange! This is the first time I have heard it said that the KC is a registered charity, and it certainly is not a reason they have used publicly to explain why they continue to register puppies from all comers.

I have checked their own website and they describe themselves as a "voluntary register for all dogs"
I cannot find any mention of a registered charity except for the KC Arts Foundation.

Can you remember what department this lady worked in?
I have just looked at old notebooks to see if I have a date, a name of a department or a name for the lady I spoke to who told me what has turned out to be absolute nonsense.

All I can remember is that I was moved to tears when I saw the evidence in the Breed Supplement that this lady had bred my Holly's mother the very next season after she had produced 2 pups in the previous litter with serious autoimmune diseases - my poor Holly additionally having a deformed front paw. Rumour has it that the stud was a puppy from an earlier litter which had been returned to her as he was blind.

I had been told a couple of months before the Supplement came out that the litter had been bred despite the guidelines of the Cavalier clubs and possibly the Kennel Club too. I had also sent the breeder copies of Holly's x-rays and diagnostic reports from the specialists at The Willows and additionally a letter passing on the advice that any future breeding should be undertaken with caution.

After I told people about Holly's problems and those of the other pup in the litter several people said I should make a formal complaint to the KC about this lady's activities, one telling me in no uncertain terms that she thought I would be letting everyone else down if I did not take the action that only I would be equipped to take.

It was with all this in mind that I rang the KC to ask what I should do to stop this lady's activities - I imagined someone would send me a form to be submitted to the Disciplinary Committee or the ABS if she was a member of that scheme, as I knew she had been in the recent past. Instead I was passed from extension to extension and fobbed of with what I am now told is absolute nonsense.

The first person I spoke with checked out the details, but told me the lady was no longer an ABS breeder. I asked how to make a more general complaint then and was passed to and fro between several other departments. Eventually, still on the verge of tears, I was put through to the lady who told me there was nothing the KC could do to stop her registering any further litters as they would loose their charitable status if they did so. i had no reason to doubt what was said and asked what else I could do about this lady. It was then suggested that I get in touch with her local Council, as she was probably licensed with them as a breeder.

I then rang the Council but was told she had withdrawn her registration as a breeder and there was nothing they could do either. I tried the RSPCA too, but they referred me back to the local council.

I talked to someone on another list about my anger and frustration. She looked in her West of England Club Yearbook to see whether the breeder was a member and had breached their code of ethics, but she was not.

So there you have almost the whole story. There is nothing else relevant that I can remember. My writing desk is a mass of paper piled on paper, piled on yet more paper, so maybe in time I will find a piece of paper with either a date or a relevant name scrawled across it which will make sense, but please don't hold your breath.