I thought I would start a new thread on this ,on the way to taking Big Ginger (one of our work cats ) to the vets to be snipped my phone rang and it was the Vet nurse Sheeley Holden from Leahurst Animal Hospital which is an offshoot of L/pool University and Poppy is booked in for her initial interview on 22 nd Dec which is the same day that Lily is booked in to be spayed .Fortunately we have a two week shut down at work so I am able to do all the running around. According to the nurse we shall be at the obesity clinic for up to three hours and Poppy will have all sorts of tests done ,kidney,liver,thyroid urine, analysis etc and a DEXA scan which accurately measures her fatty tissue which will then enable them to work out a diet for her and they even supply FOC the Royal Canin diet food .Before we leave she is then examined by Dr Alex German the clinic head and we are required to revisit for further consultations and weight checks until she reaches the desired weight ,and Shelley phones you for weekly updates inbetween appointments and amazingly all this is free of charge as it is financed by Royal Canin .
There is an information pack and appointment card in the post so I shall post further news as we proceed.
Poor Poppy wont know whats hit her and over Xmas to ,but if it all helps towards a healthy Poppy it will be for the best.