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Thread: Signs Of Comining Into Season

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    Default Signs Of Comining Into Season


    As posted on another thread Lily is being Spayed on Tuesday ,and she has been sniffing and licking down below so I am starting to get paranoid she is coming into season again .She came to us third week in August at the age of 11 months and had already had a season so I booked her into Birch Vets to be spayed third week of Sept but she came into season that week ,so I postponed of course and guessed her to be mid way between seasons around mid December and as I am off for two weeks at Xmas she is booked for this Tuesday but as I say I am getting concerned over her behavior so what should I look out for and if I am too stupid to see anything do I presume the vet would spot if she has and would he then automatically postpone .

    Ps .Only Big Ging there today so he should have a full tummy ,and as Dawn is not moving over my attempts to persuade her to have him can I interest anybody else in a beautiful Big friendly Ginger Cat already snipped ,chipped and injected .
    Brian M

    Poppy the Tri, Daisy the Blen, Rosie the Ruby and Lily the B & T

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    I'm sorry to hear that you can't persuade Dawn about big Ginger, he looks a gorgeous cat If I were allowed a kitty I would jump at the chance!!!

    Are you on the TRPD petcraft project forum?

    There are also other rescue forums where it might be worth posting...I guess you've put cards up in the vets etc?

    It would seem much too soon for Lily to be coming into season again - I'm wondering if she has an infection? If you wipe just inside the vulva with a bit of tissue, you should see a pink/coloured discharge if she is coming in again.

    Mention it to the vet - they will have a look for you and would not normally go ahead if she is coming into season.

    Sorry you have so much to deal with this week - but it will be worth it...
    Nicki, Tommy and Daisy (Shih Tzu )
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