Even though I live local to Chestergates I have decided not to have my four scanned ,it is not anything to do with cost it is really just my own outlook on life .I have always tended to view all things in life that I will face up to any problems as and when they may or may not develop ,so with regard to my beloved Cavaliers they are as now all fit and well and all insured and to my knowledge lack for nothing and as I have no intention whatsoever to breed/show I personally cant see any point in them having scans which possibly may reasult in unwellcome news .
So whats the opinion of other members should one scan and then possibly be aware of any problems that may be there and then be better able to care and look out for them ,or do what I prefer to do face things as and when they may happen but of course always keep a watchful eye on them all as thanks to this forum and members we now far more aware of what to watch for .
Comments Please.