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Thread: Valerian tablets

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    Default Valerian tablets

    hello everybody

    for a few months now i have been giving my Nicki 2 tablets a day of Valerian and Skullcaps by Dorwest and it helps a lot, he is calmer and the level of his excitability got down let's say after a month after i started the treatment... now i am wondering if i have to stop it or is it possible to go on without any problem?

    Thank you
    Chiara from Italy
    & Nickey tri /M 23/05/2008
    Morgana boxer/F 19/05/1993 26/11/2007, forever in our hearts

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    Hi Chiara
    I am sorry, I don't have any experience with this product, but can only suggest that maybe you start to reduce the dose gradually, and see how Nicki gets on.


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