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about it. I would be interested to know what your vet says about it Janice. Has Reuben shown any signs that the ulcers are causing him discomfort?
He has never gagged or coughed at all.

ALthough he is fussy, he WILL eat when he feels like it, hard food, soft food, chews all sorts, but not regularly.

To be honest I rather hope it is something to do with him being thin and it can be resolved and he may put on a bit of weight.

He is 12" high at the shoulder and 15" long down the back from shoulder to beginning of tail, but ony weighs 4.75kilos.

I do get some looks when people stroke him as you can feel all his spine.

i will certainly let you know what is said when the tests come back.

He was sick today.. 24 hrs after eating some peices of chicken, they came up completely undigested, hope its to do with the anaesthetic and not the other thing.