I'm so upset! Two nights ago, Quincy started to scoot his bottom (something he doesn't normally do), and was acting very distressed. This was right before we were going to bed. We woke up yesterday to find blood all over the kitchen floor, but Quincy was now acting fine. I called the vet as soon as they opened, but they told me they couldn't see him until today, because they only had one vet in the office and 3 other emergencies. I brought him to Banfield at Petsmart, and they showed me that he had a huge abscess, bigger than a golf ball. I was told it was very serious and needed to be taken care of immediately. They had to sedate him to drain it, etc. He's on antibiotics for 10 days, painkillers for 4 days. He's really not himself at all today, just sleeping and whimpering once in a while, and leaking - yuck!

I can't believe that he didn't act distressed until right before that huge thing burst open! Poor little guy! He must have an incredible tolerance for pain.

The vet told me that I should have his glands checked monthly for a while, to see how quickly they fill up. If they need to be drained too frequently, I may need to have them removed. Does this sound right? They also told me not to clean the area, because he's on an antibiotic, so that takes care of it. Does this make sense?

It was very upsetting having to have this all done by a vet that I knew nothing about. And I'm upset with my own vet for seeming to not care that my dog was bleeding from his rear!

Any tips on ways to possibly prevent this from happening again? I've heard that bran helps - how much and can I just use bran cereal (All Bran)?