No, it has nothing to do with location; much of the research has come from US samples of dogs and some of the neurologists have spoken at club events. Some of the research has actually been supported by the ACKCSC itself. So why its health pages are so amateurish and so filled with incorrect and misleading information raises many questions about who write this, why, who oversaw it and approved it, is this, seriously, what the club is telling its own breeders on the gravity of this condition (because if so, God help the breed).

You would think that as Pedigree Dogs Exposed just aired in the US and is about to air again in Canada, that the breed clubs would want to be sure they are seen to be offering up to date, clear, accessible health information and guidance for puppy buyers and breeders. To appear to deliberately obscure a decade of research and to not even understand the difference between a human malady and the canine version, surely only proves the concerns of the film.