As posted on another thread Lily is being Spayed on Tuesday ,and she has been sniffing and licking down below so I am starting to get paranoid she is coming into season again .She came to us third week in August at the age of 11 months and had already had a season so I booked her into Birch Vets to be spayed third week of Sept but she came into season that week ,so I postponed of course and guessed her to be mid way between seasons around mid December and as I am off for two weeks at Xmas she is booked for this Tuesday but as I say I am getting concerned over her behavior so what should I look out for and if I am too stupid to see anything do I presume the vet would spot if she has and would he then automatically postpone .

Ps .Only Big Ging there today so he should have a full tummy ,and as Dawn is not moving over my attempts to persuade her to have him can I interest anybody else in a beautiful Big friendly Ginger Cat already snipped ,chipped and injected .