We took him to the vet as she wanted to drain the huge abscess. as she shaved him it was pouring out for about 10 mins.

she wanted to keep him in overnight, she managed to get the results early of the xmas eve blood tests.

After all the flushing, and all the tablets and the diet... the levels in his blood are HIGHER than to start with.

We made the decision that as he was under light sedation for the abscess cleaning........they would put him to sleep.

Was done about 10 mins ago.

I am distraught, he was my special boy, my darling and my pride and joy.

My husband is crying hard... he is a big tough guy who has always had big dogs and never cried as much as for Reuben.

My boys are locked in their rooms.

He will be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge till I arrive.


We love you darling, Reuben.