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Thread: eye problem

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    Is the eye lube all over the counter? One of my SM dogs tends to get red eyes by the end of the day and I'd like to get him some drops (his moisture tests always come out OK but just seems this might be a comfort to him).

    Very interesting about the contact lens -- I've never heard of that being used before.

    You can't directly upload pictures to the site but you can link to them and then they will display as if they are uploaded. There's a whole section called the photo gallery for all types of pictures and videos and there are instructions for posting photos at the top of the main gallery. Basically you need to upload your images to a photo site like Flickr or Photobucket and then link to the size that you want.
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    Nice to hear from you again Michael and Jackie. I wish I had a use for the hyaluronate you mention, but unfortunately Holly's walks are strictly limited because of her disbability.

    Holly's picture at six months is the one I use as my Avatar on the left hand side of every posting. My web site is still under construction, but if you want to see some of my lot and read their blogs then please go to
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