My 2 couldnt stop eating the snow when it first here. Just a day after xmas our youngest jesse started having quite bad diarrhea on and off, at first i thought it might have been down to all the xmas visitors and some of them possibly slipping her some treats. I stopped feeding her for 24 hours then put her on a very bland diet but it didnt go away so in the end i took her to vets and he gave her all sorts (a prescription worming tablet, antibiotics and a paste-like thing called promax that helps settle the tummy).

After just 2 days she was absolutely fine, and that was when charlie started haha! but thankfully his cleared up after a few days on a diet of a 3rd of his normal food topped up with rice

Thankfully both are all better now and most of the snow has melted (if thats what could have cause it)