Just a reminder to people that most of the cavaliers that go to Many Tears rescue in Wales (which will only rehome to the UK) come from puppy farm backgrounds. This means they are generally unused to people or family life, will not be house trained, and sometimes will have health problems. They need time to come out of their shell and shouldn't be overwhelmed with affection and attention, which can be very intimidating to such dogs -- let them come to you in their own time.

I would also advise people to have any Many Tears dog they are considering, checked by an independent vet or their own vet before a final decision is made, unless taking on a health issue is not a problem. I am aware of several cases now in which some health issues have not been spotted or been underestimated. I am not sure if there is always a familiarity with some of the breed health issues, so perhaps that is why they were missed, and the ability to hear and grade heart murmurs can vary quite significantly between vets.

All their dogs are of course very deserving of great new homes.