As i write this I can hardly see the key board so excuse if this writing is off .....Tyler my sweet love of my life passed so quietly and quickly I still cant grasp the fact he is gone now for a little over 24 hours ....Tyler came to me when he was 8 weeks old tiny and sweet ,I fell in love with him the moment my eyes saw him ...he felt the same because he has never left my side from that moment on ...Tyler from as early as 8 weeks we knew he had a heart murmur and was devastated to find this news out thinking he would never live the long life he deserved to live ...but he beat the odds and lived 2 months shy of his 12th birthday ....he died of heart failure after a romp outside and a bath he died in our arms at home with everyone he loved around him !! I cant even tell you how much he will be missed because there are no words for it right now .....Hopefully after the tears dry and the heartache I feel subside I can remember all the unconditional love loyalty and laughs he gave to me every day of his life