Hi all. Its been a while since I've posted. I have a one year old Blenheim and ruby (Charlie and Henry, litter mates). I had them neutered several months ago and have noticed a really big change in their coats and not in a positive way. They used to have really shiny coats with great depth of colour. Their coats (especially ,Charlie, the ruby) have gone really dry and Charlies has gone almost a blonde colour in patches. It is really really upsetting as their coats were really stunning before. I know all the benefits of neutering but as they are both males I wonder did I do the right thing. Anyway, what I wanted to ask is for advice on anything I can do to help their coats improve again. They are fed on good quality foods ie.royal canin, orijen, and at the moment james well beloved. They aren't bathed often but when they are I use groomers banana and mango shampoo and tropical conditioner which I believe is good quality. Does anyone have any advice at all? Many thanks x