It has come to my attention that there have been incidences of a member copying discussions here and forwarding them on in emails for other discussions.

I'd remind members that as is clearly stated in several places on the board *(and is policy on other boards and lists on which people are members too) all posts are copyright to the poster. You MUST ask and receive their permission to crosspost or forward on the other discussions, whether public or private.

I do of course realise that anyone can come in and make copies of posts, but if you are a registered board member and part of this community, you have agreed to the board's terms of use, and I expect you to have the basic courtesy to ask another member for permission to use their posts, especially if you are using them as a subject of criticism. Memberships are subject to cancellation if I hear that this has happened and will be cancelled without further notice in this particular case if I am given further evidence of this happening.

It is also wise to keep in mind that 'private' posts and 'private' email lists and boards do have a tendency to have contents emerge into wider view as they do get circulated themselves or people pass comment to others; do have members that don't agree with what is often rather naively and sometimes, foolishly assumed to be a shared perspective amongst all members; and also -- it is very hard to entirely know exactly who your members are on the internet (here or elsewhere!) .