I wonder if anyone can help. We think our Cav is deaf. Either that or he is ignoring us which wouldn’t surprise me as he's a wilful little creature!
He developed an ear infection in July last year for which he was treated successfully. Then in November it came back- only this time we noticed he wasn’t as responsive to our voices as he had been and linked it to his ear problem.
Now its impossible to call him in from the garden, he doesn’t respond in the same way as he did to certain words such as walkies, sweeties and kiss!( list not exhaustive he had a quite a good vocabulary)
The vet said that you can’t test dogs easily for deafness but we've tried ourselves by making sudden noises behind his back and no response at all! He used to be waiting for us with his tail wagging when we walked in the door now we can switch the alarm off put the kettle on and stroke him before he even wakes up when we come home! Hes only 6 by the way.
So assuming that he is deaf we will have to change the way in which we communicate with him- does anyone have any suggestions- I'm trying sign language with him and was thinking of getting a whistle in case the pitch/tone might be audible- any suggestions will be most gratefully received.