Hello all, I am bowing here to all the superior knowledge found on this forum

I am thinking of moving Yoshi to a commercially available raw food diet something like http://www.carnibest.nl/ or http://haaksbarf.eu/. I've seen some posts here about a BARF diet and I wondered if anyone had good information to look at. (I saw Karlin's post about being really careful about what you read online about this) Yoshi will not eat kibble at all whatever brand and he is really active (at his last check the vet said he was at the lower end of a healthy weight). At the moment I feed him cooked minced beef, some cut up cooked veggies and some rice. Normally he eats the meat and throws everything else out of his bowl and will not eat it, if he can't separate the rice he just leaves his food

I know he won't starve himself (as when he is really really hungry he will eat what he is given) but this is making feeding the dogs a nightmare especially as I manage Emiko's food so carefully as she has just got to her perfect weight having been 3Kg overweight (probably from eating Yoshi's discarded food)

Thanks all!