Im going back to Raw with Sparky, recently on the fish based diets (Fish4dogs & arden grange white fish/potato -aka sensitive) he's put on a bit of weight & although not fat he's not his slender self!

So, while taking my friend up to Belfast zoo on tuesday I stopped by a pet warehouse & picked up packets of prize choice frozen pet mince (chicken, chicken & liver,beef, tripe, beef & tripe, chicken & tripe, rabbit & white fish) & filled as much of my new freezer I had room for!! (Mark wasnt impressed!!!)

Unfortunatly the shop is an hour & a half away from me but I worked out the amount I bought will last both dogs aprox 60 days so I wont have to go up too often.

For some reason Cassie dosnt do too well soley on RAW so she'll just be getting a bit of the mince along with her Royal Canin Mini Mature & she'll be just fine!

So since wednesday Sparks has been off kibble & back on the raw - with salmon oil & mixed veggies added too & is loving it! Hopefully he'll be back to his svelt self soon!