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Thread: stiffness in back legs when excited - so confused ! help please

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanley09 View Post
    They found that one of his lungs looks infected... so what the other vets though was his nose is his chest. They have sent all his xrays off the vet college in UCD, including the one of this lungs as they are not sure what it is.
    Hi, just thought I might interject to share a similar situation with my Geordie when he was a pup. He coughed mainly at night, but it sounded more like he was sneezing. This didn't clear up after two courses of antibiotics, and our vet scoped him to take a look at his lungs and to get fluid samples from his lungs. The samples were sent to the lab to check for infection and to find which antibiotics would be most effective in clearing up the infection. Afterwards Geordie was given the antibiotic and he completely recovered.

    The vet told us he suspected that Geordie started off with a viral form of kennel cough which then progressed into a bacterial infection. We were just grateful for his quick recovery after all of that.

    I hope this might help you. Thinking of Stanley and hoping all goes well for him!
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    Default well

    just again to keep you updated. the specialist came back from ucd and thought that stanleys heart was slightly enlarged so he had a heart scan yesterday.
    they detected an abnormality that one of the sides/arteries was leaking backwards but fintan feels that this is because is heart is working so hard to fight his lung infection. when his lung infection is cleared, his heart can be rescanned and fintan feels that it will have returned to normal. So its an abnormality but something that hopefully wont cause too much trouble at this stage. again its so unusual and proves how special stanley is !

    His EFS is completely a seperate issue and we just have to monitor that closely. we had been bringing him out every day for 10/15 mins and he seemed to be getting better so just going to continue that to see how it improves. There is nothing really that can be done for it. when his infection etc clears up and neutering him might help it. That being said he is still a very happy puppy thanks again

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    There are medications, but it sounds like you wouldn't really currently have any reason to use them --better to see how he does.

    I was in with Fintan yesterday, with two of mine -- he mentioned seeing someone off the board so am sure that was you!
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