Hi All

I'm wishing to know what other members do when it comes to nail clipping? Do you use a Groomer or are you confident enough to do them yourself? If so, could anyone share any ideas on a good pair of clippers, please?

I understand if you can hear the nails "clicking" on tile flooring, then they're too long.This doesn't seem to be the case with Scarlett, what I believe I hear is her pads sort of "clapping" the floor when trotting along

Scarlett is in the last part of her season and has been inside whilst she has been in "flow".I'm just wondering if this is why they seem a little longer and maybe sharper.Scarlett leapt on me after I'm came down from having a bath the other evening and left scratch marks on my calf.This isn't an issue of course but it did leave a red mark, so I'm wondering if this could be an indication that they could do with a trim?

Also, with Scarlett being a Ruby her nails are quite dark.I know the quick only runs down so far but I'm worried I may go too far and scare her for life

Any advice is much appreciated



Edit - Re my mentioning Scarlett's season, Jonathan and I have planned on having her spayed April/May time, once we've calculated her full, first season to ensure it is done between seasons