Rupert's Fund is an initiative from CavalierTalk members to create a rolling fund to MRI older cavaliers, age 6+, for critical research into SM (and MVD).

Two projects aimed at a healthier future for this wonderful breed are in need of older dogs: the Canadian genome research, aimed at finding the causative genes for CM/SM, and the work towards produced Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs), which will enable cavalier breeders to select the most genetically appropriate mates to help reduce incidence of syringomyelia in the breed.

Because SM is a progressive condition, finding older cavaliers with little or no progression is especially valuable to help identify promising lines and lines of inheritance. But all cavaliers older than 6 are of value to this research.

This forum will let members highlight any fundraising activities, ask questions, and network.

I will also be setting up a memorial page for anyone to celebrate the memory of their cavaliers, in exchange for a donation towards Rupert's Fund.

I will also post a running total of the funds we have, and give information on how owners of cavaliers that might be potential participants can contact the researchers to arrange for a scan.

In general, researchers Dr Clare Rusbridge and Penny Knowler are looking for cavaliers with a KC registration/pedigree of age 6 or more.