Rupert's fund is off to a great start!

I am very pleased to announce that thanks to an initial flurry of donations, we already have been able to fund the MRI scans of two older dogs that researchers have identified as particularly valuable to this stage of the genome research.

This is an exciting achievement. Thanks so much to each one of you who pledged those first donations, and here's to many more scans enabled by Rupert's Fund!

As the word gradually gets out about the need for older dogs, others are coming forward with possible candidates as well. A low-cost scanning day is being arranged for late March, so if we can raise more funds, more dogs could be done on the day at these competitive prices. Getting the dogs done on a low-cost day enables your donations to go much further. Let's aim to get a couple of more added on the day.

So: please consider any size donation from 10 pounds up, or get to work on whatever fundraising project you might have in mind -- selling some things on eBay, a small event, anything at all. Small donations quickly add up and enable us to fund another dog, so please don't feel you need to make a large donation to be a part of this CavalierTalk fundraising effort.

I have pinned information on making donations to the top of the forum -- no matter where you are in the world you can make a donation to Rupert's Fund.

The researchers will keep a running total of donations and we will report back on what we are raising and what is being done with those funds.

More information on Rupert's Fund is posted here.