Ive been holding off posting this but as Ive signed myself up now I felt its the time to share

I will be taking part in the Superhero 5km run to be held in Regents Park in London on the 13th June 2010

Im hoping that people on this forum will sponser me as well as friends, family and collegues- i have managed to get my best friend to do the run with me

It is one of the only sponsered runs about where a personal choice of charity is allowed.

Ive never been much of a sports person so to run this far has had my closest friends and family in alot of laughter but for the last 3 weeks I have been out running in all weathers getting ready so I have high hopes for myself for June

Im hoping to raise as close to 500 as I possibley can and to share the money between Ruperts Fund and to Clare/Pennys research fund

I have made a little webpage for myself to make it easier for online sponsers which is


Its the easiest way I have found to be able to accept online donations but I have yet to work out how to setup a Sponser Form for people to fill in

The run requires all taking part to dress up as a Superhero so I will take any suggestions!

This is a massive challenge for me and I hope that you can all find it within your selfs to sponser me!!

Many Thanks

If this goes well I will be aiming to run the Marathon next year to raise some more funds!!