Hello all, my little Todo had severe pain late last year which was operated on ( fenestration ). His improvement was very slow, and lately he has started to go back to the same problems. He can be withdrawn, unsettled, sits close to the radiator, then cools down, but he can sit there on the night panting, which I an taking as he is in discomfort. I have 3 other dogs and they do not suffer, so it can't be the heating, we bring him water, he doesn't want that.
The vet did discuss an ventral slot operation. I am not keen to put him through that, but my wife who is with him all day says he is definately going back over. She had been scared by reading and being told that dogs can tolerate pain / discomfort, then one day they just give up fighting. I wan to give him the best chance I can, he is such a special friend.