Thanks for all of your responses. I think a lot of good points were made. I really hadn't thought too much about the fact that Cavaliers are really not all that common in the U.S.. Where I live there are a decent number of them. In fact, there is a local dog park that has a monthly Cavalier Day and at least 40-50 show up every time. That said I could see how many vets wouldn't be all that knowledgeable about the breed and the specific diseases/conditions that they suffer from. My vet seemed to know quite a bit about Cavs, especially stuff relating to MVD....not quite as much in regard to SM, but she is very willing to do research and has referred me to specialists more than once for my cats and our dog before Lucy, so I can't imagine she would resist if I asked her for a referral if I felt she couldn't meet our needs. I do believe there are some not so great vets around and have had some negative experiences with two large (corporate type) vet hospitals. I would never go to another multi-location pet hospital again...they just don't off much as far as I can tell. But, I am rather happy with our current vet, which only has 3 doctors. That said, I would have no problem asking questions if I felt I wasn't getting the answers I needed nor would I stay with a practice that I felt wasn't doing a good job.