Hi can I have your thoughts/advice please on this. Bella will be 4 in July. When she was about 1year old, she had a heart scan and she was diagnosed with a murmer which I was told was between a grade 1 and 2. Vet recommended that Bella was given half a 5mg tablet per day. She has had this dose everyday since then.
We moved back to Scotland at Christmas where we have registered with a new vet and I got all her records faxed over from the vet in Skipton to the new vet here. Anyway, I took her to the vet last friday mainly to have her glands emptied but also to get her next lot of Fortekor. The vet listened to her heart and said that her heart murmer still sounded a grade 1 to 2. We then had a conversation about the Fortekor and if it was really making any difference to Bella. She explained to me that it is normally given to dogs who are in heart failure and did question if Bella really needs this medication. Bella is a very lively, active and happy dog. I wouldn't know she had a heart problem as she shows no signs.
She suggested that Bella see their cardiologist and have a new scan. I've booked her in next Friday. My question is have I been giving her Fortekor when I didn't need to??? The vet said that it wouldn't have done her any harm but probably unnessesary. I feel a little conned at the moment not to mention concerned that little Bella has happily taken this pill everyday for nothing. Not sure who or what to believe to the moment.