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Thread: 20th march!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian M View Post

    The Laverock Holiday cottages that Karlin mentioned which we then booked for a week for mid August has an agility arena facility which we can book solely for our use .

    Should be fun for Poppy ,Daisy ,Rosie ,Lily and Luke to run around ,I think I shall
    just sit to one side and take a few photographs.
    Hi Brian
    Would love to go where you are going. It looks great, especially the Indoor Agility Facility. I couldnít come and camp in your garden? (Just joking)

    Just a little warning, I am sure I donít need to tell you as you are a responsible young man.
    If youíre four never done agility you need to closely supervise them especially on the Dog Walk ( if it is a full sized one it will be high ), A Frame and if they have a Seesaw. Leave them on the lead to start of, dogs that never done this before and especially if they got no fear and run over these things mentioned above can easily fall off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loopylucy View Post
    i still had a brilliant time, alfy was brilliant, learnt loads lol.

    i was going to start agility with alfy but didnt know were to start, i have a mini agility set i brought from crufts which he loves haha
    If you are in or near Coventry, have a word with KateH from this forum - she knows all the agility and obedience options in that area. She's on holiday at the moment, but if you PM her I'm sure she will reply when she gets back.

    Well done to Alfy for having fun and learning something new - that's always the main thing!
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